Saturday, May 23, 2020

Happy Graduation Parade!

 I hope you all have a wonderful summer!
Thank you for giving us the privilege to teach
and learn with your child. 
With Love, 
Mrs. Andrea
Mrs. Leigh Anne
Mrs. Crystal

Monday, May 4, 2020

Summer Bucket List

~~Summer Bucket List~~

Make messes!
The kind of messes that bring pure joy and genuine smiles. 

 Stay up late, sometimes
You know those nights when you know they're stalling so they can get
a little more time with you. Pull them close and tell another story.
After an evening of catching fireflies, lay out a blanket
and watch for shooting stars. Download Sky Map app. 
Tonight (May 4th) for instance, locate the Aquarius constellation, and the star Eta.
The best time to see the shower is predawn hours, not that I recommend being
out then, Lol. However, you could use this as an opportunity to introduce
your child to new concepts and names of stars.
Psalms 147:4 - He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name.

 Write Stories together
You're both the author. You can start the story.
In a land far away, there lived a...
Have them help you with the beginning sounds of words.
They can illustrate the pictures.

Cook together
 Make things like smoothies, cookies, and fun popsicles.
Play in a creek
Look for geodes. Crack them open and see the crystals.
Look for crayfish. Can you catch them? Careful for little pincers.

Find a way to serve the community together 

Read, Read, Read.
Rent many books from the library every week!
Let them read to you, even just a picture walk.
They may say, "I can't read." You say, "Yes you can!"

Use every opportunity to count, write,
add, subtract, build, etc...

 Check out what our friends have been up to...

Digging for worms.

Happy 5th Birthday, Thane!

Butterfly Release.

Indoor Camping.

  It has been an honor to be your child's teacher.
Thank you for choosing LAP and giving me the opportunity to be your child's teacher,
I had so much fun with your child this year.
 You are all amazing.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  You have been so receptive, flexible, and supportive with everything.  You are hardworking and hand's-on kind of parents.  Full of wonderful ideas and love in abundance. Your wonderful children reflect the thoughtful and compassionate  environments you provide for them. Keep up the hard work, and fighting the good fight of raising strong, smart, loving, and resilient people.
Thank you so much for ALL you do!

With Love,
Mrs. Andrea, Mrs. Crystal, and Mrs. Leigh Anne

Happy Graduation Parade!